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Class on  April 27th (Saturday)

Congratulations to all our 4th graders who got accepted to IS187 (McAliffe), Dyker, McKinley, and other G&T Junior High School. 

 Awesome results come with good work ethic!


2019 Summer Program registration

has begun.  Seats are limited.  "Early bird" discount ends in the beginning of May.  Come visit us for more info. Or call 718-259-1468

                        Welcome to MSC !


2018 Fall Saturday Program  - Begins September 15th (already underway)


SHSAT Intensive Prep - Begins September 1st (test taken) -> result: the most students gotten into Stuy 2019


SAT Prep - Begins Nov 3rd (underway, but you can still join)


Each grade has its own class and all teachers are NYS licensed


Get your child ahead of  the class.


Call 718-259-1468 for more details about hours and pricing.



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Founded Mustard Seed Center, Inc. in 2006. He is a passionate teacher who believes in each child having the potential to develop and achieve great things when given the right guidance, encouragement and gentle nudges.  After graduating with an education and a math degree, he became a teacher.  He understands the pressure and expectations that young children are under and he wants to bring his unique teaching experience to help students to achieve excellence in their academics.

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