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      After - School Homework Club


         Our afterschool program is centered on helping students with their homework.  If a student is having difficulty with homework,

         he or she will have a hard time with the next day's lesson.  The result is that the student won't be able to learn more advanced

         lessons from the teacher.  Thus, we need to make sure students are on track with their homework, so the learning can continue.

         This program is a good supplement for busy parents who don't have the time to assist with their child's homework.  Even if a

         student doesn't need help, we review it to make sure it's done correctly or look for improvement opportunities.  Lastly, we can

         help with students who are slow with their homework.  At home, there are many distractions and interruptions, but here at MSC,

         we keep students on task. 


         If your child is coughing, they need to have their mask on.  Thank you for keeping our students safe!


Saturday Enrichment/Test Preparation Program


Our Saturday program is focused  on getting students well prepared for tests such as SHSAT, SAT and NY Common Core test.

In the beginning of the program, we teach students important lessons covering all concepts they will encounter on each test.  After all lessons are completed, we give students practice questions similar to the ones students will see on actual test for classwork and homework.  Finally, we give them a test that is just the like real test to get them used to the test condition so students can perform their best.  If students don't understand the lesson or homework, they can also stay for additional assistance. 


Our Saturday program has been tested for over a decade, and has extensive experience to help students achieve or even

surpass parents' expectations.  With the help of our program, numerous students have gotten into gifted and talented

programs and schools over the years.  That's because we hire experienced and licensed teachers from schools.  All our

materials are thoroughly reviewed to ensure we don't waste teachers' and students' time and effort. 


Unlike other programs, we don't teach students merely to be good test takers, we teach them to be critical thinkers and

problem solvers.  We seek to set up each children to be successful for the long term.  If a student completes our 2nd to 5th

grade Saturday program, they would be ahead academically when they get into junior high school.  A significant majority of

our elementary students get into the superintendent's gifted and talented programs and junior high schools such as McAuliffe

(IS 187), Mark Twain (IS 239) and Dyker Heights (IS 201).  When these students get into 8th grade, with their sound foundation, they don't need to spend as much time reviewing the basics and can put more time and effort into critical thinkings. 




Summer Program


Our summer program is geared toward preparing students for the upcoming school year.  The curriculum is challenging and

gives students a preview of what they are about to learn. They will be very familiar with the material when school starts, and

this gives them a confidence boost when they understand what the teacher is teaching them.  They will be more likely to raise their hands to help answer questions and be motivated to learn.  All our summer school teachers are licensed and experienced

as well.  Spots fill up quickly.  To get a head start and best pricing, get enroll for summer 2023 by signing up today. 


      Advantages of our summer and Saturday programs :


  *  Over a decade of experience of providing dedicated service to parents


                                                  *  Highly qualify teachers (with Master Degrees) who know our material well


                                                  *  Proven learning materials = Accepted Stuyvesant HS students learned from them


                                                  *  Grading by hand, not machine = understanding your child well and they're not a number


                                                  *  We make learning fun!



NEW ELA Test Format (no time limit)

1) only 2 days

2) day 1 - all multiple choice, 4 or 5 passages

     day 2 -  all short responses and essay, 3 passages

3) fewer questions in total


New Math Test Format (no time limit)

1) only 2 days

2) day 1 - all multiple choice

3) day 2 - mostly written response with a few multiple choice questions (6/7/8 Grade -  calculator allowed for day #2)


NEW SHSAT format beginning  fall - we got you covered at MSC

* new format - 180 minutes instead of 150 minutes and only 4 choices instead of 5


ELA section - more questions

*No more scrambled passages and logical reasoning

*Reduced grammar (editing) questions (from 20 down to between 9 -11)

*added more reading comprehension questions (from 37 to between 46 - 48)

Math section - more questions

* 5 grid-in questions (students write out their answers - no choices given)